The management of social networks is vitally important for the image of your company. There is a whole world of possibilities that goes beyond our immediate environment. In this sense, it is not just about being on the internet, but about how we operate on the internet. This is where social networks are of great importance.

As we say, it’s not just about being on the networks, it’s must be present, of course, but we also need to generate content and be aware of our customers and, above all, of potential customers.

This is where the Social Media Management arises. This is a relatively recent discipline, but whose exponential growth makes it increasingly important in the communication strategies of many companies, which need professionals specialized in the comprehensive management of social networks.

In addition to Facebook

Perhaps this is one of the main problems that some companies have, that is, they believe that having a Facebook page is enough. However, today there are other social networks that have a greater impact than Facebook. Although it continues to be the network with the most users in the world, on the other hand, Instagram is one of the main trends today.

In addition, managing social networks implies knowing which networks your company should have a presence. Not all are equal, nor are they of equal importance. So, just as having a Facebook page is still essential and having a company profile, we will also have to consider other scenarios, such as LinkedIn, TikTok or Vimeo.

Experts in interaction

The communication management, the creation of dynamic and fun content, in addition to images and video requires professionals. Remember that you cannot leave your image in the hands of any company. At La Caja de Grillos, we are your social media experts. If you need us to propose your Internet communication strategy, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone at +34 952 073 988 or by e-mail at